One size does not fit all in the commercial flooring arena. Epoxy coatings have their place, as do urethane cements, epoxy mortars, and polyaspartic coatings. With a wide portfolio of products to select from, we can work with you to develop a solution that is going to meet your requirements.

Colorado Floor Coatings offers a wide variety of flooring solutions:

  • Decorative Flake with polyaspartic topcoat (retail, lobbies, break rooms, hospital and health care, educational facilities, garages, basements)
  • Quartz (rest rooms, commercial kitchens, cafeterias)
  • Epoxy/Urethane (warehouses, storage areas, airplane hangars, light manufacturing)
  • Clear Sealants (warehouses, office, storage areas)
  • Urethane Cement (food/beverage processing, commercial kitchens, chemical processing)
  • Troweled Epoxy (resurfacing damaged/worn concrete, heavy manufacturing)
  • Novalac Chemical Resistant (laboratories, chemical storage/processing)
  • Polished Concrete: (office, retail, restaurants, schools)